Rules And Regulation

Important Guidelines For Students and Parent/Guardian

1. Students must wear proper school uniform.

2. No leave of absence will be allowed for the students of V to X except in case of serious illness the student or his parents should come to the school on the same day.

3. It is the duty of the parents to check the books,notebooks and stationary items used by their wards.

4. Students must do their homework themselves parents should not do / write the homework.

5. The mate students will keep very short hair.

6. It is the duty of parents to keep in contact with the teacher and principal about the progress of their wards. They should keep
a strict vigil on the all round progress of their wards from the begining of the session and throught the whole session.

7. It is expected that parents will respect the teacher. In case, there is any complaint pp2they are free to contact the principal.

8. No child may Wear Jewellery.

9. No child may use cosmetic or apply heena on their hands, colour the hair or apply the kajal, this can lead to supension from school.

10 . Girls with long hair should make 2 plaits, tied with white ribbons those with short hair must use a white elastic hairband.

11. No nailpolish my be worn and nails must be trimmed regularly and kept clear.

12. It is compulsory for all the students to wear the I – card daily. A sum of Rs.50 will be Charged from any student who requires a duplicate I – card.

13. Lunch boxes, bags,ties etc.must have the child’s name class clearly marked.

14.The school will not be responsible for lost property no lunch box, water bottle or eatable will be accepted at the achool reception.

15. Students must reach the school 10 min – before the school bell rings.

16. 80% attendance is a must , failing which the student will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination or be granted promotion to the next class.

17. The names of the students who are absent from the school for a week without permission or whose fees are outstanding after the 20th day of the month will be struck off the school rolls and will be re-admitted only on payment of admission fees and complete arrears.

18. Absence from school must be supported by and application for leave signed by the parent/guardian.If the absence is due to illness and exceeds three days a doctor,scertificate should accompany the leave application.

19. Half day leave are strictly prohibited.

20. No parents may meet his/her child during school hours,without prior permission of the principal/headmistress. No child may leave the school during school hour.

21. Retest on medical ground will be allowed only for mid-terms and final exams.In such cases a medical certificate must be submitted within 3 days.

22. White P.T. shoes (made of clothes) are allowed with dress only.with grey dress black shoes are compulsory to wear.(sports shoes are not allowed).